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Cartier Trinity 7 Bangle Bracelet 18k Gold Semainier Vintage (5877)

Cartier Trinity 7 Bangle Bracelet 18k Gold Semainier Vintage (5877)

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Estate bangles. 7 multi-colored gold - all 18k white red and yellow gold. Made by Cartier Paris France. Late 20th century- circa 1990. In Cartier box.

Measurements: Diameter approximately 2 5/8 inches (7.5cm). Weight 77.8grams.

Interlocked group of 7 gold bangles. Each is slightly different in gold color from the others. This is in accordance with the French concept of a semainier set of bangles - 7 bangles in a set so that a woman could sell one per day in times of stress. They are extremely rare and sought after in France and throughout the rest of the world. This one is by Cartier, making it all the more desireable. The bangles wind around each other and cannot be seperated without breaking them. They interconnect, and intertwine infinite ways, adding to the symbolism of the bangles. Look gorgeous on the arm. We will send these bangles in a red Cartier box, which is suitable, but not original to the piece.

Marks: there are a number of marks to be found: CARTIER PARIS, the French eagle mark for 18k gold and the Cartier maker's lozenge. There are also a number of very lightly engraved digits eg '2' and '3', which we believe might be the order of the bangles in the set.


Condition: good with minor wear commensurate with age. Please see enlarged pictures for details and don't hesitate to ask questions - we will do our best to answer.

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