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Antique Victorian Edwardian Necklace Diamond Gold Gems (4677)

Antique Victorian Edwardian Necklace Diamond Gold Gems (4677)

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Antique Victorian / Edwardian necklace. 15carat gold set with diamonds tourmaline citrine peridot. Made in England circa 1890-1910.

Measurements: 16 1/2 inches long. Weighs 10grams.

Simple gold chain with wonderful colored stone drops. Stones are color graded and sized with the largest, a deep green tourmaline in the center, surrounded by citrines and peridot. Each gemstone has a diamond surmount. Stones beautifully set in raised claws that hold the gem out as though presenting them to the viewer and allowing for light to pass from behind and light them from all directions. Wonderfully cheerful.

Near the clasp is a little plaque with embossed 15ct hallmark.

Very good, original condition.

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