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Antique Moser vase Cut Glass Etched Enameled Gilded (2680)

Antique Moser vase Cut Glass Etched Enameled Gilded (2680)

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Very rare tour de force of glass techniques in a single vase, made Bohemia by Moser or Fritz Heckert, 19th century.

9 1/4inch high.

Slender, elegant shape divided into sections, each with a different technique and pattern, all of the highest quality workmanship and beautiful design.

The round, faceted, bottom leads to a band of blue enameled glass, cut away to a poppy pattern, with gilded scrolling foliage.

Above this, 2 rich white enamel and gold seperating bands contain a very fine cut and coloured complex floral design, in which the polychrome stained glass immitates the complexities of cut glass.

The patterns are cut and very finely gilded.

Above this, all the way to the top is deeply cut glass, ending in scalloped fan rims.

The area between deep mitres has a very subtle acid etched gilded pattern.

Condition is excellent.

No chips/cracks.
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