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Antique Georgian Earrings 15ct Gold Crl Torpedo Drops Day Night (5044)

Antique Georgian Earrings 15ct Gold Crl Torpedo Drops Day Night (5044)

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Antique Georgian earrings. 15ct gold and carved coral. Made late 18th - very early 19th century.

Measurements: Approx. 1 7/8 inches long, not including the wires. Combined weight 5.2 grams.

Day Night / Top Drop earrings: the long torpedo drops can be removed from the surmounts, which can be worn alone for a much simpler look by day. The surmount consist of a pineapple carved coral, round in shape, set in a gold Colette with simple claws and fine detail embellishment around the border. The drops are also bordered in a flat gold border, separate from the coral. The bold is very finely engraved and with elaborately scrolling edges. The elongated tear-drop shaped coral, pineapple carved held in a gold conical collar with detailing similar to that on the surmount at the bottom edge. Textiled 'cone' joined to a link allows it to swing freely as the wearer moves. Great quality workmanship. Coral is a deep salmon color and is well matched throughout.

No hallmarks, but like most English jewelry, gold tested 15ct.

Condition: good, especially considering the age of the earrings. No damage/restoration of any sort was found. Negligible wear commensurate with age.

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