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Antique Brooch Pendant Ruby Diamond Sapphire Pearl Butterfly (3906)

Antique Brooch Pendant Ruby Diamond Sapphire Pearl Butterfly (3906)

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Antique, Victorian combination brooch - pendant butterfly. Gold set with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and pearls. Made in England, circa 1850.

Measures 1/3/8 inches across. Weighs approx 10 grams.

Beautiful butterfly made of gold and set with precious gem stones. The body is a series of gradated pearls, the wings are largely made of diamonds to give a light effect, with rubies and sapphires on the edges. Eyes are also rubies. Tiny feet of gold. Design incorporates open space, which adds to the light, airy feel of a real butterfly. The jewel can be used either as a brooch or as a pendant. The brooch has a pin with simple C-clasp, typical of the early Victorian period. A concave gold button screws out the pin and the butterfly can be worn around the neck as a pendant.

No hallmarks, but I tested the gold, which is at least 14 carat (probably 15 carat).

Very good condition.

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